Friday, January 17, 2014

Pics or it didn't happen [25H LK Solo]


 Misdirection, Mending, Deterrence 


 Normal PvE Survival Talents 


 ilvl: 565, 250 Food Buff, Void Crystal (500+ Stats), ICC Buff (30%+ hp, healing, dmg)

1.Avoid Infest by los-ing it with one of the ice pillars, the first 2 won't kill you if you're lucky with Necrotic Plague.
Timing is really important. But no need to rush this, just survive.
You can get hit by one Infest if below 90% hp and still survive if you take a hp potion immediately.

2. During the first transition phase make sure to get hit by a raging spirit at least once.
1 melee hit = 1 min of tanking, YOU'LL NEED IT!

3. The Val'kyr phase is most stressful, you must time your melee hits with Infest casts, don't get hit with a melee attack before he casts Infest. It will bring you below 90% hp and you'll likely die if your Spirit Bond doesn't regen enough health in time.
You have to manage your pet taunts and Distracting Shots to get at least 1 melee hit per minute. They will pick you up and throw you off if you don't. (Fun fact, Shadow traps are survivable with a disengage, should you set one off, Val'kyr's not so much...they used to, but not anymore.)

4. The last phase is the easiest. Just don't get overwhelmed with spirits, they do hurt in numbers. No more Infest so you can go nuts damage-wise.


Ya I'm On It

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween

This Machinima has been planned since Cata and now it's finally finished. Based on the removed questline of NPC Eva Sarkhoff, this was perfect for Halloween. It's mostly a nostalgia video as you can't do the quests anymore but I've kept footage from the Pre-MoP version of the Scholomance. I wanted it to feel like "Oh, I remember this!" or "I remember that boss!".

Thanks to PvPGurl and Leto for helping me on this project. It would've been really lame if I voiced all the characters. Now Jandice and Illucia have their own "flavor". In terms of voice acting I decided to go with my normal voice for both my hunter and Eva because the "old lady raspy" voice was really taxing my throat and I was barely understandable. I've also decided against a heavy accent mainly because 1) All 3 of us didn't know exactly what kind of accent Blizz gave the current NPCs and what exactly a British/Russian accent sounded like, and 2) Whenever I spoke in a heavy accent I ended up sounding Pandaren.

So much for the pre-commentary.

After watching you'll be able to get the post-commentary. Here goes (this is just random stuff):

Everytime I watch the scene with Jandice doing her illusion spell I think of one thing while she's spinning:
SHABLAGOOOOO! (South Park reference)

I wonder if post- patch 3.3 people will recognize this young Lady.

I use NPC's that can be seen with a special trinket that was obtained through the questline before its removal. I also have a habit of reusing models from older machinima, in this case Beatrice (far right) from "Happy Halloween Maria" can be seen in several shots.

This guy uses sound files from the Maloriak encounter in Blackwing Descent.

I actually creeped myself out while making this because for one of the sound files I had to look up Amnesia: Justine sound files, and let's just say the provider isn't just giving them to you...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Moo Like Tauren ft. EmberIsolte

Moo. My first collab with Ember and Pippi. It's colorful and ...tauren. That's all I have to say. This one took so long because of my moving from Germany. I had to wait a month for my pc to arrive so yeah.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lock Candy and Hipster Jaina

Here's a new Letomi parody dedicated to all you friendly neighborhood locks. Please continue to provide us with your candy, quick transportals, and haste buffs. I used lots of different colors for this one and even tried some custom animation. It's just a goof-vid with some serious context: LETO WANTS CANDY! So bring locks to every. Single. Raid.

While trying to get all the footage for the video I came across some very interesting LFR-ers. I mean isn't this the best xmog guitar you'll ever buy for over 90k g on the BMAH. Imagine being in a bg with that guy: "Oh hey, one sec lemme just whack that guy with my guitar and bust out a kickass solo on his corpse!!"

Quote: "[12:42:04 PM] : sun lute ftw
[12:42:11 PM] : Also, 483 ilvl axe w/ mastery
[12:42:14 PM] : lvl 85 equip
[12:42:24 PM] : Twink'd DKs wet dream


Now while getting the rag footage I decided to visit my old pal Baron Geddon. Finally. FINALLY after ~3 years he drops the friggin binding. Awesome level: Trade Troll achieved. So this video brought me luck. :)

Hipster Jaina

When I did the custom modeling for Lock Candy, I couldn't help but try to do something with Jaina. She's become somewhat of an icon for me with Tides of War. The result is:
Hipster Jaina!

The original image I created can be found on my FB page and reads: "I cast Blizzard before it was cool."
This is the template image. Take it. Add your own Hipster mage sayings and show it to me :)


I am moving soon. That is why there probably won't be a new high qual, HD, OMGOODNESS machinima from me for a while. I'll try to do some covers, voices, and in-game videos instead. Just a warning in case you're one of the people going "dafuq is this??". It's me taking a little break.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming to Gank and Draenei

Coming to Gank. For this vid I took a lot of inspiration for the color scheme and movement from If You Could Be (I listened to it on loop while editing). I enjoyed working on Truff's part and was surprised to see that good of a resolution on Gigi's part. I think I'm keeping those settings xD I really need to work on PvP videos more, I feel like I could be doing better.
Next machinima will be a Letomi parody. :) I'll make it fun n goofy. If I have time after the completion..I might even do a video for Mr. Thunderking because raids. new mic, Samson C01U (same Letomi uses) got lost in the abyss of overseas mailing by way of amazon's crazy "send to last recipient" thing. So I have to wait for like ever to get another quality mic to actually do my covers and parodies. Meanwhile you can enjoy or hate my sucky impressions of draenei or pandaren or w/e you want me to do. I decided to do this one in two languages cuz why not *shrug*.